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November 2010



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Nov. 7th, 2010

Writer's Block: A real eye opener

Which one book should everyone read, and why?

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Your mom, because everyone else already has.

Jul. 27th, 2010

sing songy

Today is Snowcone Appreciation Day. She was the number one best bunny ever in the world I have known. Its hard for me to say that knowing all the sweet bunnies I have known, but Snowcone really made SURE that she would always be remembered as the best, so it's beyond my own judgment. Snowcone was brought into the Tri-City Animal Shelter on 07/27/07. When I found her there she was scared senseless, huddled into the corner, soaked in her own pee, her skin scalded and irritated from trauma. When I brought her home she was peaceful, happy and serene. She was good. Whenever she saw me she was excited. She looked into my eyes and waited for me to get near her. When I put my hand by her she would lick it for AGES. She would nudge her head under my hand to just cuddle with it. She would crawl on me, follow me from room to room, sit next to me, make funny faces at me, slide around on the wood floors, hop around my legs when I had a carrot. You name it. She had personality. She made friends with everyone. There will be so much more I hope to remember about Snowcone today. She changed my life as far as bunnies go. The sweetest white rabbit I have ever known. I'm happy I could be a part of her special life. Cheers to Snowcone, God rest her kind, spirited soul.  :) My baby!

Sep. 18th, 2009

nutritional benefits of red fruits


If you're going to have a martini, at least make it a pomegranate one. This fall fruit has higher antioxidant activity than red wine and green tea, which may be why a number of studies show it may prevent skin cancer and kill breast and prostate cancer cells. It also helps:

Fight Alzheimer's disease: Researchers at Loma Linda University found that mice who drank pomegranate juice experienced 50 percent less brain degeneration than animals that consumed only sugar water. The pomegranate drinkers also did better in mazes and tests as they aged.

Guard your arteries: A group of diabetics who drank about 2 ounces of pomegranate juice a day for 3 months kept their bodies from absorbing bad cholesterol into their immune system cells (a major contributing factor to hardened arteries), discovered Israeli researchers.



This born-and-bred American berry is among the top 10 antioxidant-rich foods, making it a potent cancer protector. You know it helps treat urinary tract infection, and perhaps you heard it prevents gum disease, too, but did you know that these beneficial berries may:

Eradicate E. coli: Compounds in the juice can actually alter antibiotic-resistant strains, making it impossible for the harmful bacteria to trigger an infection. A small pilot study from Harvard Medical School and Rutgers University found that eating about 1/3 cup of dried cranberries yielded the same effect.

Help prevent strokes: Research on pigs with a genetic predisposition to atherosclerosis -- narrow, hardened arteries that may lead to heart attack and stroke -- found that those fed dried cranberries or juice every day had healthier, more flexible blood vessels.

Sep. 17th, 2009

brain music

Closing the eyes is the simplest way for changing your state of mind, possibly by directing focus of attention inward to oneself. This has been long acknowledged by humans as reflected in ancient meditation methods as well as routine concentration and emotional acts. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging was used to discern the neural correlates of variations in emotional experience induced by closing the eyes. Negative and neutral music clips were presented to subjects while their brains were scanned. Music was used in this study because of its unique nature of being a relatively abstract emotional signal in humans. It was assumed that closing the eyes will modify the individual experience with music by increasing self-oriented processing. Results revealed two separate neural networks for processing music in relation to the mental state induced by eye position. Listening to music with eyes closed relative to eyes open recruited stronger activation in central emotion-related regions such as the amygdala and connected prefrontal cortex brainstem nuclei. Moreover, selective effect to negativity of emotion in the music clips was observed in the amygdala only with eyes closed in correspondence to increased subjective arousal experience by individuals. Findings suggest that one's focus to self or the world engages different neural mechanism for processing emotional stimuli. Specifically, variations in subjective emotional experience that relate to enhanced self-oriented processing are mediated by the amygdala and its distributed connected regions. Future studies should explore the relevance of such differential brain processing of emotion for individually-tailored therapeutic approaches.

Eyes Wide Shut: Closing-eyes Facilitates The Neural Processing Of Emotional Experience With Music

By: Organization for Human Brain Mapping

Aug. 22nd, 2009


eight AM. tiniest violin ever

Jun. 2nd, 2009

Snowcone Media Collage in Memorium.

Snowcone died yesterday morning. She was still so full of life, and it hurts that she's gone, and I'm pissed that cancer took her. She was so special, so different from any other bunny I've ever met in my life. She bonded with people and other animals so easily and was very loved. Of all people and bunnies and animals in the world, she didn't deserve to come to this end, so soon. I am sad.


nodding off
yawning after a nap
carrot 'stache

bunnies get chilly in winter too.

I have a video of Snowcone and June sharing a carrot but because I played a Modest Mouse song in the background I can't upload it to photobucket, myspace, google or facebook to share it. :(

Feb. 15th, 2009

(no subject)

too many disadvantages. bad marketing.

Jan. 14th, 2009

scientists put cocaine on honeybees/honeybees on cocaine

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c</div></div>

Jan. 13th, 2009

June giving Snowcone a bath

Oct. 1st, 2008

How much is 700 billion? article. fun.

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